MR Glue

In plywood industry, the word of “MR glue” is usually mentioned. A lot of people know that MR glue is cheaper than Melamine or phenolic glue but some don’t know about the meaning of “MR” word. So what is the MR glue?

MR in the word of “MR glue” means Moisture Resistant. Then MR glued plywood is a kind of plywood which is resistant to moisture. While “melamine” or “phenolic” is the name of a special glue, MR is a kind of property of glue, like the word “WBP”.

MR glue is used in interior plywood manufacturing, and interior plywood can be used anywhere inside like applications home furnishings, furniture and so on. MR plywood can be in cold water for severals days without layering, thus, it can be used for some simple building projects. However, MR plywood will be delaminated in hot water in a very short time. Meanwhile, WBP glue is used in exterior plywood production and WBP plywood costs more than interior and may be used both inside and outside as the glue allows this usage.


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