Why is plywood pallet?

Currently the pallet is used common in factories, warehouses, supermarkets, … for packing of goods. Due to the high leg and firm, the pallet helps the goods is not in direct with the floor, or easily to transport by forklift.

There are many types of pallets such as steel pallets, plastic pallets, wood pallets, each pallet types have their own advantages and disadvantages. With wood pallet, its key advantages is simple in production process, easily to make different pallet sizes, different load capacity without depending on the specifications available as plastic pallets. Easy to repair pallets for re-usability. With wood pallet not repaired, the components can take advantage of it as art crafts, paintings, framed prints, which can be crushed to squeeze into plywood products … or maybe as fuel. Therefore, now about 90% of the world’s pallet is wood pallet.

Viet A Woods now would like to offer the packing plywood for making pallet with normal quality and high quality too. Don’t hesitate to contact immediately with us to have the most detail information.


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